Monday, February 11, 2008

Cash Back Reward for using Other Peoples Money

The perfect example of how I use Other Peoples Money and earn a cash back reward at the end of the year just for playing the credit card game. Outlined here for your approval or disapproval, it works for me!

Credit Card Game

With all my credit cards paid in full each billing cycle, this method works to my benefit. I'm going to buy or pay for these things (clothes, groceries, eating out, gas, auto repairs, tires, household bills) anyway, so why not benefit by paying with a credit card that offers me a cash back reward. In my opinion it only makes sense (cash back rewards) to charge it and pay it in full the next billing cycle. Not to mention that it is much more convenient than running to the bank for cash.

This is my Credit Card of Choice but I also use other credit cards if they are offering me a special deal.


John Anthony said...

Great point! I completely agree. A lot more people should be doing this.

Sherry said...

John Anthony,
Thank you so much for your visit and comment.